happy with 2018 iPad... would a 10.5" pro be overkill?


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Feb 15, 2008
After having not used ipads in years (I didn't touch my mini for like 1.5 years) when the ipad was given pencil support earlier this year I bought one. i only went for 32GB at the time, because I wasn't sure if i'd use it... anyway, i found some uses for it with note taking and creating things for work. I got a new job, they issued me with another one and now i'm using both a lot more (the work one stays at work, mine stays at home... not everything is set up the same on both).

i'm wanting to get away from sitting at my mac so much. i recently got a new bluetooth keyboard, which i love, and I could see myself typing stuff up on this ipad and taking it on future trips, sans mac. my requirements aren't too high. my grandma's ipad just died, so this is an opportunity for me to upgrade mine if needed rather than my parents buy a brand new one identical to mine.

the one frustration i'm having is with icloud photos. i'd much rather have them all on my device instead of that pause to see each one. i could go for the 128gb model now and achieve this, but my photo library is currently around 80GB so i don't know how long that would work out for (why doesn't it work like the music app and allow a defined "cache" of the latest X photos...)

i've also considered the ipad pro 10.5". if i'm already happy with the screen and pencil etc. on this device, will I get any benefit out of a more expensive ipad? is there anything it can do that I can't do already on this one? i'm mindful that i'd probably have to go for the 256GB. is the A10X that much more powerful than the A10 processor in ipad? and crucially... will it be more powerful than whatever ipad comes along in 2019 or 2020. buying a 10.5" ipad pro now is probably a long term purchase.

i haven't considered the new ipad pros because of pencil compatibility. within the last 8 months i've bought both apple pencil and a logitech crayon for my work device.

any thoughts? if i'm happy with the ipad would i get anything out of an ipad pro?


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Aug 16, 2007
With the 10.5 you’ll get a better screen. From the sounds of your habits that is all I can really think of that you’ll notice. But the 2018 iPad is not a bad device. I recommend it if your not looking to spend the extra money for a Pro model. The Pencil has a benefit on the pro models. The screen is closer to the glass so some feel that writing with the pencil is better. Play with one at the store. You’re already familiar with the 9.7 and you already like it. So if it suits your needs you don’t really need to spend the extra cash.
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Sep 29, 2009
It depends if you can get a deep discount on the 10.5 inch Pro. If you're not saving a lot, I'd suggest an 11-inch Pro. Anyway, if you're price sensitive, I don't know if you should choose the Pro at all.
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