Hard Case Scratch? Moshi and Incase?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by thedward, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. thedward macrumors newbie

    Aug 9, 2011
    So I came across this video of a scratch test for MacBook Pro hardshell cases and I wanted to hear if you guys have seen the same thing. This vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zyG11aX2x2M shows the Moshi and Incase being the best against scratches. What have you guys seen with your hard cases? I am thinking of going with Incase.
  2. Doggonit macrumors regular

    Jul 11, 2012
    I am waiting for Moshi to come out with the rMBP iGlaze in October.

    I have heard of too many instances of Incipio feathers, Incase Hardshells, and Speck cases cracking. Moshi seems to do it very right (at least with their 13" MBA iGlaze).
  3. MacGurl111 macrumors 65816


    Feb 4, 2010
    Never really like Speck. Their quality is crap and won't ever buy from them again.

    I'd go with Moshi.:)
  4. borisiii macrumors 6502

    Jul 4, 2010
    I have never understood the appeal of hard cases; in my opinion they ruin the aesthetics of otherwise good-looking laptops, and all you hear is stories of them trapping dirt causing scratches that would never be there if it wasn't in the case. Plus they interfere with cooling, and can damage the laptop when removed.

    Besides, what are you doing when using your laptop that requires a hard case that stays in place all the time? It offers zero protection when the laptop is in use. Put it in a sleeve or laptop bag when you are moving it around - the padding offers superior protection anyway, especially since hard cases don't even fully protect the laptop - and just be careful when using it. That way you will end up with a pristine laptop that stays looking like new for years.
  5. nia820 macrumors 68020


    Jun 27, 2011
    You can get scratches on mbp even if you are super careful. And if you drop it a dent will appear.

    I remember going to the genius bar 2 weeks back and this guy next to me had this giant dent right at the top of the screen. Had he used a case his MacBook would have been dent free.
  6. borisiii macrumors 6502

    Jul 4, 2010
    You say you can still get scratches if you are careful, but I must admit that (after 9 years of laptop ownership) I have never managed to.

    And a hard case will not do much to protect a dropped laptop. There are plenty of threads here on MR where people have dropped laptops in hard cases, leading to denting that is so severe the laptop cannot be closed. Even if a hard case prevents external damage, the likelihood of no components being damaged is slim. Either way, damage arising from a drop is not covered by AppleCare.

    You can be pretty sure of never dropping your laptop if you:
    1 don't carry anything else at the same time when moving it around;
    2 put it in a laptop bag (or a sleeve inside a backpack) when you are carrying lots of stuff.
  7. richlee111 macrumors regular

    Feb 27, 2011
    Isn't the point of a hard case to prevent your MacBook from getting scratched? If so, the hard case will get scratches on it eventually and look like crap. Unless of course you buy another hard case for the hard case;)
  8. borisiii macrumors 6502

    Jul 4, 2010
    But how do you scratch a laptop? If the answer is it only gets scratched when it's being carried around in a bag, you would be better served by a sleeve anyway!
  9. aman20177, Mar 18, 2013
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    Feb 28, 2013
  10. Interstella5555 macrumors 603


    Jun 30, 2008
    That's not really the issue, it's more that dirt/debris will get trapped in there and scratch it anyway.
  11. aman20177, Mar 19, 2013
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  12. Doggonit macrumors regular

    Jul 11, 2012
    No, ultimately I didn't. I just ended up buying a really cheap-ass case off Amazon which did crack a little but that is it's purpose: to get damaged instead of the rMBP.
  13. Mac.User macrumors 6502

    Aug 25, 2013
    I love Incipio. I have used them on past machines, my current on, and on tablets and phones.

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