hard disk failed after rsd fixed.

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by aleni, Sep 21, 2006.

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    Jun 2, 2006
    with my macbook being caught a random shutdown syndrome, my company's stock application is in it and i really need it for work.

    so i called apple and claimed the repairment, but they said the logic board is not on stock, so i was on hold.

    while i waited for the new logicboard replacement to arrive, i kept using my macbook forcing it to run at 1ghz capped by holding the power button until i hear the system beeps.

    apple called me that my new logic board has been in stock, so i went there to get it fixed, they fixed it, but my current installation OSX could not be used as one would normally use. opening finder window would take about 2-3 minutes, emptying trash bin would take forever. they told me that the hard drive needed to be changed as well.

    i couldnt even backup my company's stock to the up to date, luckily i have backed it up before i took this macbook to apple.

    luckily they got the new macbook hd on stock, so they changed it and they installed osx 10.4.6. now it works like a charm.

    i took it back home, installed a new firmware and 10.4.7, and its been running nicely since then.

    so my suggestion is once ur having a rsd issue, backup your important data and then shut the macbook down. dont try to turn it on so your hardisk is not get corrupted or failed just like in my case.
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