hard drive almost full- maybe stupid question...

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Ruffian829, Nov 22, 2010.

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    So my hard drive only has like 2GB left out of the 150 or whatever it started with. I got this laptop a few years ago, but I'm wondering where all the space has likely gone? I dont have a lot of music, but I have a lot of photos. I have one tv series downloaded as well- I'm going to transfer a lot to an external hard drive but I was wondering what is most likely to take up the most space (what is best to transfer)- and if there may be something obvious taking up a lot of space that I am just missing or don't know about? I dont have a ton of apps- mainly just the basics like Word, the ones that came w/ the mac OS, circus ponies notebook and thats about it.

    any insight would be great :)
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    OmniDiskSweeper will let you know what's taking up the most space. But, in general, it's going to be the media you already mentioned. Moving photos and videos to an external will probably be the easiest and most effective means to free up space.
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    No, Onyx doesn't do anything that would help in this situation.

    To find out where your drive space is being used, try WhatSize, OmniDiskSweeper, or GrandPerspective (you can find any of those very quickly with Google). They're all free or at least offer a free trial which will do what you need. Just look for large files or folders and see what they are. Note, if you don't know for sure you created a file/folder, check back here before deleting it, as it could be important.

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    You should always keep at least 10% free disk space on your boot drive.

    Try an app like SupaView to see where all the space has gone.
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    Thanks everyone- I'll download one of those programs and see what it comes up with.
    Jolly Jimmy- I had no idea it was so full until just the other day
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    Near London, UK.
    Oops my bad will delete previous misleading message.
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    Disk Inventory X is another free app that helps you see what's using space on your HD.

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