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Discussion in 'iMac' started by richprice79, Nov 2, 2009.

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    Mar 7, 2009
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    I upgraded the hard drive in my mac mini just 31 days ago to the seagate momentous 7200rpm 500gb drive. Exactly one day past the newegg return policy total drive failure. I still have the stock drive and its back in and working just thought I would throw it out there. I am sure seagate will warranty the drive but what a pain as I lost all the data. I was planning on purchasing a mini stack for time machine soon now maybe sooner.
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    I used to be pretty loyal to Seagate drives for many years. Then I noticed that of all my drives - and I have a lot of them - the worst reliability was Seagate. The Hitachis were better. The WD were better. Even the Samsungs were better. The quality of Seagate has gone down the drain since they acquired Maxtor (which was a terrible brand) - instead of improving Maxtor, the quality lessons went the wrong way... Maxtor "quality" overtook Seagate. I've had 3 Seagate drives fail on my G4 mini. I've since gone Hitachi for the mini, and WD on my externals. Never a problem since. I'm gradually getting rid of all my external Seagates and replacing them with WD. I've also seen many horror stories with the 1.5TB Seagates. It's a brand to avoid.
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    Try calling to NewEgg, they may give you a new one and handle the hassle with Seagate. If the don't, just call to Seagate and they will
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    its not the first time i hear about seagate`s failing
    seems quiet common that they fail
    ...in most cases within the first three month of usage or in other words just when you have stored and sorted all data on them ...:mad:

    there are companys that have specialised in retrieving data of broken drives , but unless your date is not of real value to you, as its expensive and can cost up to the region of 2000 dollar`s your data will be lost forever

    so i say it again allways do a backup on cd`s , dvd`s or even a floppy or zip`s , if you keep them in their box in a cupboard ,protected from any magnets around or intense sunlight they last forever
    i have still some floppys from the early 80`s and zip`s ,ideal for saving small word documents temporary until its enough for filling a cd/dvd
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    Just try Disk Warrior. You'll have to get the latest version, as the earlier versions won't work on Snowy, but Disk Warrior saved my bacon before. I think it's worth every cent of the $100 selling price.

    I also had a Seagate, but I bought mine from Costco. It was a 1.5TB that was only $10 more than the 1TB WD right beside it. Mine only lasted a few days over two weeks and I began to notice that it had problems finding things like .. . oh ... my iTunes library :eek: After two days of this, Disk Utility recognized that a drive existed, but was unable to do anything else with it. A friend of mine lent me his Disk Warrior disc to attempt a data recovery and I estimate that I was able to restore approximately 98% of the lost data onto a second external HDD.

    Of course, after that, the POS Seagate drive was wiped and promptly returned to Costco, who has an outstanding return policty, btw, after which the aforementioned WD HDD was purchased (no issues to this day with that one). I will never again use Seagate drives, for any reason.

    To make a long story short, you will need another HDD with at least the same capacity of the Seagate drive, and a copy of the latest version of Disk Warrior. Depending on when you purchased your Mac Mini, you may be able to boot off the Disk Warrior disc, or you can put the Seagate drive in an external enclosure. Using the Disk Warrior disc, you will most likely be able to restore most, if not all of your lost data. Of course, YMMV, depending on the condition of the Seagate disc.


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