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    I had long time a problem with 1TB Seagate on iMac 11,1, 27'' (late 2009) and it's brake before the new SSD 500GB came. I bought this iMac long time ago and it has on Mountain Lion but I think default was Snow Leopard but the previous owner didn't give me any CD/DVD.
    When the new drive came I will replace the old one but the problem is OS X.
    After repacement is it possible to open option Disk Utils (online), repartition and install OS X online? It will automaticly choose the Snow Leopard or Mountain Lion? Or I am in trouble.

    Thank you.
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    Just an FYI - your 2009 iMac would be too old to use the Internet Recovery -- So, you need a local installer of some kind, such as an installer DVD (you can still purchase Snow Leopard from the Apple web store), or another choice would be to purchase another OS X version for download. You can also still purchase Lion direct from Apple. Create your own bootable installer, maybe on a USB flash drive, or make a partition on an external hard drive, and use that for the install.
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    I hope that I do need OS X because I do not using it and I will install mine OS without or just use EFI (200M) partition.

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