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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Koodauw, Nov 5, 2006.

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    I have a MPB, and recently the computer had begun to make a clicking like noise, from under the left palm rest, which I believe is where the HD sits. Is this a warning sign? Is my HD beginning to go? I haven't had any problems thus far, but I dont want to wake up one day and lose everything. I've begun to back stuff up, but was wondering if I was right to be concerned, or am I just over reacting. Anyone else dealt with something like this?
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    If there is a clicking noise, it could be a sign of the hard drive dying. Yes, you need to back up, just to be safe
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    Back up fast and fully. Is it a SMART drive? If you check About this Mac>More Info>ATA, it should say "SMART status verified" (or not).
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    S.M.A.R.T = Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology.

    What SMART will report is a missed sector, or a discovered bad sector that can not be recovered, is not good. The information is logged and the error mapped, diminishing usable drive capacity. SMART will report that the drive is failing. More than a few of these and the drive is reported as FAILED- but usable. SMARTs purpose is to help predict dive life and to help users predict drive imminent drive failure.

    Most drive platters have imperfections that are mapped when the drive is at the factory. The information is stored on the drive so that data is not stored in those locations. This 'error' map is not lost during a format. Manufactures grade platters, the platters with more imperfections platters go into less expensive drive assemblies. SMART allows the ‘error’ map to more dynamic.

    Where SMART fails is when there is a mechanical failure that doesn't affect the drives read-write status. External failures, or a problem with the internal swingarm(s) that do not immediately cause a read/write error won't be noted. SMART also doesn’t track drive heat.

    You should back up anyway. I use Carbon Copy Cloner also know as CCC. It's a great program, and if you really find it useful the developer would love a donation. SilverKeeper which is free for those that have Lacie drives. There is also Super Duper which is about 28 bucks.
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    I got a couple questions too about my new MacBook. Is it normal for the hard drive to make noises after waking up from sleep? And is normal for me to push a CD into the superdrive almost all the way in order for it to "snatch it" with lots of noise along with it?

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