Hard Drive or Snow Leopard Problems w/ Imac 24" (Boot Fail)

Discussion in 'macOS' started by martin212, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. martin212 macrumors newbie

    Apr 16, 2012
    I recently had a weird experience with my Mac that I was wondering if anyone else has had.

    I am running:
    24" imac
    Intel Core 2 Duo (E8235, E8435) ("Penryn") 2.8Ghz
    500 g 7200-rpm

    I recently upgraded to Snow Leopard.
    I am also running windows XP on Bootcamp (you know, for LOL)

    I recently noticed slowing, seemed to be related to browser, but hard to say. I would simply get pin-wheel of doom when I tried to load a page. Then everything else I would try would either be completely slow, or non functional. Tried the 'restarting' method but now it refuses to boot. Sits on grew Apple screen then a load bar appears and just sits.

    So here is where it get weird. Cloned my other Mac to a external HD and was able to start osX on the desktop (also Snow Leopard). Then attempted to Disk Utility the mac partition. Took a while then I got "Cannot repair disk" need to format and reinstall. OK, no biggy. I tried to then it seem to refuse to recognize the drive, grey out in Disk Utility (DU), and cannot preform operation to it. Restarted holding alt to choose external clone and the ONLY option that appeared was external clone. Booted fine, none on the internal partitions appeared in DU, well crap!. Rebooted w/ alt, ALL three partitions appear, try internal osX, fail (same apple screen freeze). Manual shutdown, restart w/ alt, ALL three appear. Choose internal windows, boots fine, runs fine, scores regular on geekbench.

    -Tried to use DU from clone to erase partition, Fail (Same result as trying to repair, stops recognizing the Drive.)
    -Tried to run 'safe mode' on internal osX, Fail
    -Tried to run 'single user mode' disk repair, Fail

    Is this:
    -Partial Disk Failure (I have read about the WD HD failing a lot with this model, but it's only failing on the mac side)
    -osX crapping its pants (then why can't I just erase the partition)
    -Trojan BackDoor.Flashback (I would hate have my "backdoor" "flashed back"!)
    -Some other thingy that someone else could know about, please

    Was thinking of just Effin' it and buying a new HD, maybe a SSD if I really love me, what is the dimensions of the HD? What'd fit?
    Is it easy to get out after I plunger the magnetic screen off?
    Should I have the mac nerds do it?
    Is it even worth it, should I just run with the external drive?
  2. Bear macrumors G3

    Jul 23, 2002
    Sol III - Terra
    It sounds like partial disk failure. In this case it sounds like a bad spot developed on the disk in the area that the OS X partition uses.

    Since bad spots (depending on what's causing it) can spread. I would recommend replacing the disk. It's your call on whether to spend the money for an SSD or not.

    And back up your data in the bootcamp partition in case the disk failure starts affecting it.

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