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Jul 25, 2011
Now I know this question has been asked before on this forum but my problem has not been resolved.

I have bought a macbook with fairly good specs and I know for a fact more than half the games i want are not compatible with OS X. So my descision to install windows through bootcamp is set in stone, but my problem is how much of my hard drive i should partition.

I have read on other threads that 40GB should be enough, but some of the higher end games these days can go up to 10GB which means i could only have four games on my computer!

My macbook has a 500GB hard drive so space isnt much of a problem. I am also planning to buy an external hard drive.

So my question is, would a 100GB, 150GB or even 200GB Windows partition be too large? Like I say I am planning to run lots of games,

What do you think?

Thankyou in advance,

Alfred :)
Nov 28, 2010
It really depends on how many games you want to install in Windows and how much capacity you want in Mac OS X.
If you can live with 250GB for each, go for it.
It is entirely up to you and your math.

Dark Void

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Jun 1, 2011
It's completely on you, nobody can tell you what to partition. Some games, modern or not, are just larger than others. I've played games that take up a good 25-30 GB of storage.

Just remember to take into account the amount of space that Windows takes up itself, maybe estimate and round the amount of space you want for games now (look on the box/website for space required and add them up and give yourself some breathing room for patches and stuff) and then perhaps double it for the future or something.
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