Hard Drive swap and Time Machine backup

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by eyoungren, Jun 4, 2014.

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    So, here's my dilemma…

    Sunday night, made a full TM backup to an external USB HD on my Quicksilver. Since my old backups had long ago gone bye-bye this was a full backup that completed some time in the middle of the day Monday. TM then proceeded normally.

    Monday night I cloned my hard drive (100GB) to a new (used) hard drive (120GB). The clone completed by midday Tuesday.

    Tuesday night I swapped out the drives. After my mini-fiasco with the locking bar the Mac booted and everything was back to normal (so I thought).

    I tried twice Tuesday night to get TM to backup, but it failed each time. I know now that this is down to the difference in UUIDs between the old HD and the new HD. I finally said "screw it" and deleted the old TM backup entirely (TM backups to networked drives actually go into a sparse bundle disk image, not the drive itself). I then started new.

    This is all fine and good because by the time I get home that new backup should be mostly complete. Fine. Done. I'd move on except that I have to do this all over again with my son's Mac.

    My son is getting the 100GB HD I just pulled from my own PB. I will be cloning his HD to that drive. He completed his TM backup to the same external drive on my QS last night.

    What I want to know is this. How can I relink the existing TM backup to his "new" HD? I could simply do what I did with my own PB and delete the old backup disk image and start over, but I REALLY want to avoid this.

    My son does not have much on his HD, but he still has over 14GB. His Mac does NOT have Airport Extreme and so it took about two days to back up 14GB via his original Airport card. I do not relish putting him through this again and I don't want to disconnect the HD from the Quicksilver for a number of reasons, paramount of which is that this would just be a major PITA. Backing up new via USB is going to be no different than wirelessly as he only has USB 1.1 ports. Putting the backup on a FW external and then moving it over to the correct drive is going to be the same issue.

    I found this and it seems to be the solution, but I wanted to get opinions on the matter. Anyone got any advice?
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    I have done it that way before. Should work fine! Worst case, you could potentially use Ethernet to initially backup your son's machine.

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