Hard Drive transferring problems...

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    Nov 2, 2009
    Okay, so I just got a new 1TB hard drive and am trying to move all of the data from my old 250GB hard drive onto a 250GB partition of the big drive. So, I opened up both in Finder and highlighted all of the folders, and tried to transfer everything to the 1TB drive. All was going well, until the transfer hit a snag and said something to the effect of "The transfer could not be completely because the file "[blahblah]" already exists." Now, mind you, this drive is completely empty, so I'm pretty sure it doesn't exist already. So, I try again, and now its a different folder that "already exists"...

    I don't really care too much about fixing the problem, but I am trying to find this out. Is there a nice program out there for, basically, mirror-imaging one hard drive onto another? For OS X, of course. :]

    Thanks a lot!
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    Open up terminal and use "cp". Yes I now commands are hard to type but this one is only two letters long.

    type cp drop in the source type space drop in what it goes and hit return and wait.

    If you really want to "mirror" the drives, including the partition table and all the volumes then the "dd" command would work. But yes, I know, all that typing,
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    Nov 2, 2009
    :eek: Woah, okay, back up. :confused:

    I've never used Terminal before, so I have no clue what you mean. xD Sorry.

    Okay, so I get into Terminal... I'm guessing I need to type the names of the hard drives and stuff. The name of the original drive is "FREEAGENT" and the other one is "MEDIA". So, what exactly should I type in terminal to run this copy? I don't want to take a guess and type something incorrectly and screw up something, because I'm highly inexperienced with Terminal.

    Thanks for your response, though. :]
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    You want to clone the whole drive, right? If that's the case, there's a WAY easier way to do that.

    Download SuperDuper! or Carbon Copy Cloner. I haven't tried CCC, but I love SuperDuper!. It's so easy, and it really and truly is an exact duplicate of the original. Plug in new drive, open SuperDuper!, tell it what disc to copy where, click copy, let it go, remove new hard drive from enclosure, pop it in place of the old one, turn on computer. It doesn't get any easier than that.
  5. GFSarah macrumors regular


    Jan 19, 2009
    North Carolina

    Super Duper!
    It's free, by the way (unless you want to pay for what I see as bonus features that you probably don't need & will never use), and again I highly recommend it. I used when I upgraded my HD, and will make a duplicate backup from time to time ... because I can be THAT paranoid. :rolleyes:

    Carbon Copy Cloner
    Again, no personal experience, but I hear it's good, too.
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    Nov 10, 2008
    One Solution to Hard Drive transferring problems.

    Do the following things
    Step1: Look for whole directory of the folder you want to transfer.
    Suppose you want to transfer a folder name "Industries" it contains subfolders within it and many subfolders with subfolders. There is no limit to this as we know.
    Step2: Create an empty folder name it anything you would like say "industry1"
    Step3: Create the subfolders with same name and sequence as in your original folder "Industry" .
    Step4: While doing so keeping dragging/transferring the files in the sequence so that you don't miss and save your time.
    Remember in this working you need to follow the order to preserve your own memory.
    Of course if you don't have any preference for the original folders and their sequence then the most easy solutions is to create a new folder and transfer all your files in this new folder in new subfolders with your convenience.
    Here the only caution is that you must not transfer the original folder. You must transfer the individual files into the new folders and subfolders in any case.
    Step5: Now transfer this new folder which we have created. This will work.
    You can do the creation of folders in HD and transferring the files to these folders and subfolders.
    In case one can't understand what I'm taking about, just drop an email to me at
    with the tag of this thread. I'll send a video of it how to do or else I'll post a video on You Tube at my account "blossomashok" any one can then see. Thanks
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    Wow, so much effort... you're really over-thinking this. He could have had the transfer started in less time than it took you to type all of that. OP, just use Superduper and get on with your life. :rolleyes:

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