Hard Drive unmount on its own?


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Feb 1, 2012
I’ve had my 2 TB portable hard drive from Toshiba for a few years now and it’s been perfectly fine.

Lately it’s just been connected to my router constantly, though it’s not always on and spinning when it’s not in use.

Yesterday I was going to put some files on it from my MBP and when I connected to it over the internet it had a different name and only showed 1 folder inside which was weird.
I had just accessed a few days earlier and all was fine.

Tried to access it on my iPad through the Documents app and there was nothing there...

Connected it to my MBP and it doesn’t even come up in Finder.
When I open Disk Utility it’s under External and is grayed out as “disk3s2” which is definitely not what it’s supposed to be called.
It shows Zero KB as available and — as used which weird.

Then I finally noticed it says it’s “Not Mounted” for the Mount Point: option.
When I click on “Mount” on the top of the app it doesn’t do anying.
I’m including the screenshot for clarity.

Has my hard drive bit the dust?


Mr. Retrofire

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Mar 2, 2010
Sounds like a bad USB / SATA bridge. The HDD is probably not damaged. Search on youtube for the exact model. A lot of experts published their recovery methods. If you can open the enclosure and it is a standard HDD without a customized USB / SATA bridge, then you can use the old HDD in a new enclosure. For example:


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Feb 17, 2013
Agree - another enclosure or drive doc. If it fails those, then it might be time to consider the drive hosed.
Recently had an old 1tb failing slowly and finally not mounting. One day I mounted it in a newer enclosure and just waited on it (forever) and was able to recover a few files before it crashed the system. A few retries, and a few more files recovered, but it's toast. Time to say goodbye to all my spinning backups ASAP.
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