hard drive upgrade in 20inch imac

Discussion in 'iMac' started by Sharewaredemon, Mar 24, 2011.

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    Normally I would know how to figure this out/where to look but there are too many wildcards I do not know how to circumvent.

    I have a customer looking to purchase a larger hard drive for his 20inch iMac.

    He has the iMac7,1

    currently has a 250 gig in it, and would like a 1tb. I would have happily sold him either WD10EALX or WD1002FAEX but they are both 6gbps SATA drives. Due to the fact that the customer will be installing the drive himself, and it is for his wife I am unsure how the iMac will react to a drive rated for a faster transfer rate. I had read that some iMac's require you to pin the drive to 1.5 in order for it to work.

    Does anyone know more about this/can point me in the direction to some documentation or a site that will help me sort this out myself?


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    doesnt matter.

    ANY 3.5" SATA drive will work fine, no pins required or need to be touched.

    Open, replace, reinstall done.

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