Hard Graft Tilt Case?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by magic168, Jul 1, 2010.

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    i got one

    yeah it's expensive, in fact it costs more money than 99.9% other ipad case/bags out there plus 26 euros shipping but i'd say it's well worth the money.

    in short:


    Very well made & designed. the wool felt is soft to touch but also provides good support, and they used two types of leather, black flexible nappa for inner loops and back support plus some sort of semi gloss leather (brown/grey) to protect the screen and add some contrast to the appearence.

    Fits like a glove

    Stylish, cool in a very elegent kind of way.

    Easy/comfortable to use, the leather and wool feels very good in hand and provides very good grip/support on almost any surface. The tilt/roll concept works very well.

    One BIG plus: It's quite 'special', it's not like LV or some other posh brands with their logo printed all over shouting 'hey~~look at me! i'm expensive!' yet peoples can easily tell it's not something you picked up in a discount shop for 5.99. lol ;)


    Well, the leather can quite easily be scratched, not deep scratches, but those very light ones caused by fingernails etc., i waxed it with leather lotion and improved alot.

    They say it's because of the 'natural tanning' and they skipped polymer coating to retain its natural touch and texture , hmmmm..really? , i don't know, but i wish the leather can be more scratch resistant.


    Over all, i'd say highly recommended, but it's not for everyone, especially NOT the generation that thinks nylon/polyester is the best material ever invented. LOL

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