Hard time connecting to old XP computer

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    I have a very hard time connecting my Mac Pro running OS X 10.11.6 to an old computer running Windows XP. There is a direct connection by an ethernet cable and OS X can see the computer, as it displays its name, but somehow can not connect to it.

    Some info:
    1. workgroup names are the same
    2. At least one folder is shared on the XP computer
    3. Firewall on XP computer is turned off
    4. Easy sharing on XP computer is set off as well
    When I try to connect to it I get an error message saying something like:

    "Server does not exist or is not available at the moment. Check servername or IP adres of the server, check network connection and try again" ​

    When using Windows Vista OS X could made a connection without any problem.
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    Sep 30, 2016
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    Well, I succeeded in making a connection to my old Windows XP computer. The link you provided did provide enough help. Despite that I still had a hard time where I even confused the 2 ethernet ports of my Mac Pro (Mac Pro's have 2 ethernet ports).

    First I did a successful ping. Giving me confidence I was on the right track. After that I did some struggle and came up with this step-by-step tutorial:
    1. Make sure the subnet mask for the ethernet port connecting to the Windows XP computer is different to the subnet mask for the ethernet port you use for your internet connection. I used this table to pick a new subnet mask: http://www.sustworks.com/site/prod_ipr_subnets.html. I picked subnet mask for the connection between my XP computer and my Mac. Next pick 2 different IP addresses which are allowed according to the chosen subnet mask. One for the Mac, the other for the XP computer. See screenshot below for the OS X settings (you have to set Configure IPv4 to Manually).
    2. Make sure there exists an account on the Windows XP computer where at least one folder is shared. You can identify a shared folder by the icon which has a butler hand below. See 2nd screenshot as an example.
    3. In the Finder go to Connect to Server and fill in "smb://ip-address/" (without quotes).
    4. Then you are prompted for a login window where you fill in the credentials of the account with the shared folder. After pressing Connect you should see a window (see final screenshot) with a list of shared folders. Pick one and press OK.
    After all very easy and these steps are identical for the case you connect to a Vista computer. I do not know why I was struggling so hard for XP. Anyway, it finally works.
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    Make sure you use /Applications/Utilities/Migration Assistant.app to transfer all you documents, pictures and music plus videos.

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