iPhone 11 Pro Hard Time Deciding Between 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max


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Aug 1, 2008
Went from X --> XSMax. Reasoning was new/different and battery life. Over the year I have enjoyed the phone. Not too often do I find it too big to use. Even one handed. Almost everything can be done albeit a bit awkward sometimes.

Now that battery life is pretty similar between the two. I do wonder if I would be able to get my phone out faster to take a pic. Holding a child could i get to my boarding pass faster while waiting in line. Stuff like that.

Then on the other hand... Would I miss the larger size more than these momentary conveniences.

Looking for someone with experience of going to from xs max size down and whether they are staying at the smaller size or going back to the larger size.

Thanks :)
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Sep 19, 2014
My post will be 100% unhelpful, but I’ll share it anyway.

I was a 6+, 7+, and 8+ user. I still think the 8+ was/is a great phone.

I upgraded to the XS Max. I loved it at first.

But for some reason, the size started to bother me after a few months. (I run with the phone, for one thing.) I sold it and went with the XS, which is also an awesome phone.

Yet now I’m pretty sure I’m going back to the Max, in the 11 Pro version.

There are trade offs—there’s no perfect answer.

Think about how you use the phone the most—your most common use cases—and that should help you decide.

Pocketability / portability, or *Max* screen size for watching videos, reading web pages and books, etc.?
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Jul 12, 2009
^ Agreed!

What do you use it for most, @copperlab ?

If it's for videos, reading, media consumption in general and those benefits outweigh the downsides of convenience then I would go Max. You also get better battery life on the Pro Max than on the Pro. If those don't then a regular Pro might be better.

I went from a X to a XS Max and then back (upgraded a family member's phone with the X then XS Max) and I'm getting a Pro Max on Friday. For filming, I love the ability to see more content on screen and that alone outweighs the downsides of handling the larger phone. But agreed that it's more unwieldy than the X.


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Sep 17, 2019
I went from XS to XS Max and now having the same though? Pro or Pro Max? I think the smaller phone might be better for me. I think it's funny you're thinking about carrying the baby/boarding pass.... I had the same thought!


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Jul 24, 2011
I had the xs max and went to a xs when my child was born Incase I ever needed to take a call or answer a message while holding/carrying/rocking her. Now that she’s 10 months old and can support her own weight sitting up in going back to the max. Going to use it 14 days then on the 14th day submit a return request online to extend my usage another 14 days and make sure it’s right for me. (Just in case it isnt I’ll go back to a regular Pro)