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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by -hh, Mar 9, 2006.

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    Hi all,

    I'm looking around at how to fairly easily get my 12" PB hooked up to a cellphone-based data connection, for when I'm away from WiFI hotspots, etc.

    It appears that the generic "solution" from the wireless companies is to buy a PC card (PCMIA) and plug this into your laptop. Great, except that the 12" PB doesn't have a PCMIA slot to plug into.

    Some Googling found that you can buy PC Cards that contain two USB ports, but what I've not found is a "USB Dongle" that would be the conceptual equivalent of an external floppy drive that I'd then plug a PCMIA card into.

    Anyone know of any of these that exist?

    Also, what other way would you look at for skinning this cat? I could also potentially see using Bluetooth to hop over to a data-compatible and bluetooth enabled cellphone. Assuming that this approach actually works...what's recommended? Similarly, what sort of "wireless/data plan" does the cellphone company (say, Cingular Wireless) says you're supposed to use?


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    Bluetooth will work fine. You could even potentially use infrared, although its very slow.

    Your cellphone plan will have to have data transfer enabled. Oftentimes you'll pay per MB transferred. That's how it works over here at least.
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    mfacey is right, Bluetooth is your best bet. For this you need three things:

    1. A phone with Bluetooth that supports the 'Dial-up networking profile' (most with Bluetooth do.)

    2. A data plan with your cell phone provider. Most U.S. companies now offer unlimited-data plans for about $20 add-on to your voice plan.

    3. Instructions on how to get it to work with the MacOS. Your best bet is Ross Barkman's page. Download the script for your phone, install it into your modem scripts folder, then set up your 'dial up'. Another good resource is (oddly, since it's a photography website,) Setting up Motorola V330 for T-Mobile. Between those two links, (even if you're not on T-Mobile, it's a good walkthrough,) you should be able to do it.

    (I happen to dial up on either my MacBook Pro or my 12" PowerBook, through either a Nokia N-Gage or a Motorola V330, through T-Mobile.)

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