Harddrive upgrades - can you make old partitions larger?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by thesmoth, Jul 3, 2009.

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    I have the standard 160gig harddrive with the low end 13 " mbp and i'm thinking about upgrading to a larger drive. I have a small 16 gig partition for windows 7 and the rest is osx. If I buy say a 500 gig hard drive, can I copy the small 16 gig windows 7 parition to a new parition that is say, 160 gigs? Or would I have to reinstall windows 7 on a new larger parition.

    What would normally happen for transfering your old data? I'm assuming you would make a time capsule backup of your drive, and then copy that over to the new drive, but then would you just have an extra parition for the new space (for example 160 gigs from the osx and bootcamp paritions i have now, and then the remaining 340 gigs free from the new drive as a second parition).
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    Time Machine will not help you with a Boot Camp partition

    You will need to make a clone of your Windows partition with WinClone
    When you install your new drive, you will have to run Boot Camp Assistant again to make a partition the size you want
    Then you can restore your clone to that partition

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