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Jun 21, 2004
HiRez said:
Entering your Apple ID and password into a non-Apple site? No thanks. Really, even if the site is legit, it seems like a bad idea.
I didn't have to enter an Apple ID and password, and the link is to download.info.apple.com. Nothing wrong with that site!

Anyway, it seems to be a collection of inserts, as the directory name suggests.


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Aug 11, 2002
Charlotte, NC
That's odd. When I came across it I did not get the login screen. Maybe it's an off limits area that I stumbled into some how. It was bacisly a list of PDF documents that had tech info on various Apple products. They seem to be service manuals of some sort. The file names used a numbering system so there was no way to know what the document was about about until I downloaded it.

If I can figure out how I got there I'll post it.
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