Has Anyone Ever Found the Solution to Safari Being Such a RAM Hog?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by HappyDude20, Oct 21, 2011.

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    Seems like MacRumors has had countless threads concerning Safari being such a RAM hog. I have 4GB's of RAM and Safari usualy takes up 2GB's.

    I would imagine it's the extensions but I only had an Adblocker and 1password on.

    Solutions, please. Safari is slowing down my Mac and I don't want to convert to Chrome or FireFox, simply because I love the syncing between Safari on all my Apple devices.
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    Are you using the Safari update to 5.1.1 that came out a few days ago? My impression is that it has improved the memory usage a little. I just restart Safari occasionally when it gets bad, every few days. I have 6 GB of memory, so a little more than you. Maybe you should upgrade your RAM if possible.
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    I do have to say one thing, most people compare RAM usage from OSX to Windows which isn't something that can be done.

    In OSX, you will see more ram usage, because its actually being used for things. Idle RAM is wasted RAM.

    For example, when I am on my Macbook Air that only has 4GB of RAM, Safari with a few tabs open, standard system processes, and XCode open use around 2GB of RAM. If I do that on my Mac Pro with the same apps open with 24 Gigs of RAM, it uses about 6 - 8 gigs.

    The system intelligently monitors RAM usage and allocates it accordingly. If you have a bunch of tabs open in Safari its not a "RAM issue", its simply Safari using that RAM to cache things so you have a faster browsing experience. If you were to use another program more for awhile you'd see your Safari ram usage dwindle (unless you have a ton of tabs open).
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    Did you not read the first post?

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