iPhone 8(+) Has anyone gotten their screen replaced for it not being cracked?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by opticflare, Sep 29, 2018.

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    Aug 12, 2013
    I have a iPhone 8 Plus that is just about to hit the 1 year mark. I'd like to look into having my screen replaced. There are lots of scratches on the device but I'm starting to wonder if this is possibly a defect in the coating because I have literally never had a iPhone screen scratch on me this much, even without a screen protector. I only keep my iPhone in my pocket with nothing else in it, no keys, or any other everyday carry items go in it but my iPhone. I also work in a office setting so it literally just sets on my desk all day and doesn't even stay in my pocket all day. I have also noticed some slight yellowing at the bottom of my screen but it hasn't been a big deal.

    Is this something Apple would ever consider replacing or will they just replace the phone? I don't really want them to replace the whole device for a refurb unit, I'd rather keep mine. Ultimately I want to replace my battery and screen to extend the life as much as possible.

    I realize I can contact Apple, and I'm obviously going to make a genius bar appointment for next week, I just want to see if anyone else has any similar experiences with this.
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    Nether, scratches are not covered by warranty. This would be like scratching your car front bumper up and expecting the maker to replace it under warranty after a year of driving it.

    Without Applecare you can pay to replace the screen like anyone else for $169
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    Not always the case. I dropped a MBP and cracked the case, they replaced the whole computer for free without me asking.

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