Has anyone had an SSD problem?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by MacRobert10, Nov 25, 2012.

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    Nov 24, 2012
    I'm considering putting an SSD into my 2006 iMac to replace a bad drive. If you go on the web, particularly YouTube, there are reported cases of SSDs being problematic. Most of these, I think/hope are because the videos are old and the SSDs were installed when they were more or less an emerging technology, however, some aren't. Here are some examples:


    Are these freak occurrences? What kinds of problems (if any) are any of you that use SSDs having. I've heard some problems about OCZ's suddenly losing all data.

    What do I need to watch out for. What types of units are reliable?

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    To my experience the Samsung 830 is a good an stabil ssd. If I'm not mistaken, thats the one Apple use themselves.
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    Most people who experience SSD problems either don't know what they are doing or had some sort of other hardware failure and due to their lack of diagnostic skills, blame the SSD.

    As for "beach balling" will SSDs, this is because the Sudden Motion Sensor (SMS) is on and the computer experiences shock. The SMS then sends a command to the internal SATA drive in the main bay. This command is not recognized in earlier firmware revisions for some drives. Since there is no callback, OS X waits for the callback until a timeout is reached. Modern SSD firmware can send a dummy callback to OS X.

    The claims that SSDs have a short life are overblown. Most people forgot to set hibernatemode to 0. The intense writes (4GB to 16GB in MacBook Pros) when the computer is closed WILL seriously damage the computer. That being said, I have had a MacBook Air for almost a year, and only 0.5% of its lifetime I/O is gone. That's about 100 years of writing 16GB/day, or 700TB (terabytes)

    TRIM also helps.

    SSDs are much more reliable than spinning hard drives. You just have to know what you are doing.

    I have been running an OCZ Vertex 4 in a hackintosh for a month now, and its great. I have been running a Crucial M4 in my MacBook Pro for about a week now. No complaints!!!
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    As with anything, different brands will be of different quality.

    If you go on the OWS site they do not have anything good to say about the apple SSDs. Whether the 2012 SSD cards the iMacs come with are better or not than the past .... well, we do not have that level of detail.
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    I had an ocz vertex fail not would allow 3 minutes of use. Then stop working.

    I sent it back to ocz in Thailand (3 year warranty) it was about 1.5 years old and the shop I bought it from didn't care.

    Ocz sent me a new one under warranty in under two weeks.

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