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Dec 1, 2014
Hello guys!

So I sold an apple watch 4 44mm sportsband on ebay for $600 (buyer paid right away). It was right when it came out, so that was the price that it was trending at. Someone bought it and I messaged them right telling them I was shipping it within the hour.

An hour later I Shipped it and later that night I noticed on my paypal app that it said "payment received" instead of "hold/pending" usually when they hold the money until the buyer says that they got the package how its described. I then checked my bank account and noticed that I didn't receive the payment. I right away called paypal and they said that the person disputed the charge due to fraudulent charge.

The package was enroute and there was nothing I could do. I opened up a case through paypal and they refunded my money saying the case is closed and I was covered under seller protection. Fedex keeps calling me saying that somebody keeps trying to reroute a package to a warehouse that is known for scams so they flagged it.

The package is being held at the original addressee town fedex center. They apparently are calling me saying that the package is being sent to an abandoned place (the original address) asking me what to do.

What will they do in this situation? My brother is saying that Fedex might just keep it and I will be charged for it even though i got the money back. My mother is saying that they might let me keep the package and the money?


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Aug 18, 2014
See if FedEx will ship it back to you, then if everything is fine with your watch, be up front and explain to PayPal that you got it back, and see what they will do.
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Sep 23, 2015
definitely get it back asap. I've had this before where they could not deliver it to the address since it was not a real address.


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Apr 30, 2011
There are two separate things going on, your sale with eBay and the delivery issues with Fedex. Regarding eBay, seller protection is for this kind of issue, and you got your money back. As far as eBay is concerned, they fixed the issue (and they did). Separately, Fedex is telling you about the flagged delivery and asking what to do. You've already gotten paid for the watch sale, so this doesn't matter so much except for the fact that you might as well call them and have them return to sender before the fraudster contacts them and really gets them to deliver to him (because hey, better you get the watch than him). If you get it back you can tell eBay.
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