Has anyone tested their iPhone against a similar capable phone?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Nykwil, Jul 14, 2008.

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    Nov 5, 2002
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    I'm just curious as to what people got for results?

    I tested my iPhone against a coworker's Samsung blackjack 2 ways:

    1. traditional online speedtests
    2. actual website visits.

    I don't have raw number but this what I've observed against the blackjack.

    In terms of just the speed tests, like wtf I was blown out the water the 3 times we test. He got an avg throughput of 150kbps, and whenever I tested it I got 150kbps once and the other two times i got 83kbps and and measly 78kbps.

    However, speedtests don't take into consideration rendering in page formats and what not.

    So we cleared out our caches and visited ebay.com and nytimes.com

    right of the bat with ebay my progress bar was already at 50% while his didnt even begin to download yet.

    By the time I was done his text was just beginning to render in.

    The next site nytimes.com was no contest...his blackjack cheated and rendered the mobile version and beat me 1st but in the time that it took his to fully download the mobile version more than half of my full version of NYtimes was already loaded in.

    So I think people who are discouraged by speed tests ( I know I was) as an indication of the iphone's 3G capability, shouldn't worry so much when it comes to actual websites and usage. (Well i think most of us knows how well mobile safari renders pages anyway)
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    I tested the closest "iPhone Killer" to my 3G 16GB iPhone and it was pretty close.:eek: But, the v1 iPhone just couldn't beat my new 3G 16GB iPhone...:cool:
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    Jun 16, 2008
    1.7 using the iphone speed test site on Instinct
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    Right now I'm having a massive problem with both AT&T and Apple, the phone works at the mall where both stores are located, but not outside or my home, where the original iPhone worked. All my other AT&T phones work too, just not the iPhone.

    I'm going in later, I have an appointment with Apple hopefully they will replace this dud.

    White iPhone 3G on the left
    Treo 750 on the right


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