Has anyone used a Logitech NuLOOQ?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by solidgoldmini, Oct 5, 2006.

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    Hello all! I saw the Logitech NuLOOQ in MacWorld magazine, and I checked it out on their website. It looks like a cool device, but I was wondering if anyone has had any first hand experience with it. I would use it on a 2 Ghz iMac G5 for some light Photoshop and possibly for drafting in Vectorworks at work. It seems like a good idea for programs with a bunch of tools which both of these are, but I would be interested to see if anyone has used one and what their thoughts are about it. Thank you!
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    I purchased a NuLooq not realizing it was Mac Only. Then they released windows drivers, and I used it a little, but the drivers were buggy and I just wasn't getting into it. And, the cord was pretty short, meant to be plugged into the Apple keyboard, so I couldn't really reach it from my tower unless I got a hub.

    All that said, it was very cool, and I am excited to start using it with my Mac Pro and CS3. I wonder if anyone else has one of these besides me?

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