Has anyone used an upgrade and then still been eligible?

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by LSUtigers03, Feb 2, 2013.

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    This may not be the best forum to ask this but I figured the people here change phones often so maybe someone has had this happen. September of last year is when I joined my fiancé's AT&T plan and we made it a share plan. That day I got a Galaxy S3. Then on October 1st I brought the S3 back and got an iPhone 5. A few weeks ago I used her upgrade and got a Note 2. Her upgrade status correctly says that she isn't eligible but my status says that I am eligible for an upgrade. When I went to use her upgrade at Best Buy the guy told me that my line had an upgrade but I used her's assuming that it was just a bug and it would be corrected. Weeks later my line still shows an upgrade. Has anyone had this happen? If I go and upgrade again and AT&T catches it can I just bring the phone back so I don't get charged?
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    Apr 17, 2010
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    I checked Best Buy's upgrade checker and it shows my contract end date as 09/02/14 which is 2 years from when I last upgraded but it still says that I can upgrade. AT&T's upgrade checker also says that I can upgrade. I guess I will have to ask AT&T.
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    I think it's because their system treats iPhones differently from other smartphones.

    I have a iPhone 4S and upgrade to Note 2. My account shows my new 2 year contract.

    However, it still shows I am eligible for an iPhone upgrade in a few months.

    I'm not going to let AT&T know. I'm just going to upgrade to a new iPhone when it comes out this year.
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    That's what I wanted to do. I wasn't going to go and tell AT&T that I already upgraded I was just going to ask if I had one. Best Buy is offering a $50 gift card if you register by Feb 9 and upgrade (with a 2 yr contract) between Feb 10 - Dec 31. So I'm going to get my fiance a new phone because her phone has turned to crap since I used her upgrade.
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    If they say you have an upgrade and it was their mistake, you just use it.
    In the end it is a win-win for you (you get your phone) and AT&T (they keep you for another 1-2 years).

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