Has anyone used Apple's Reuse and recycling program to get a quote/sell

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by fluidedge, Mar 20, 2011.

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    Nov 1, 2007
    I want to sell my 3 year old mac pro as i don't need the power and would rather have a (possibly second hand/refurb) mac mini and a new ipad, and I have just got what i consider to be a *very* fair quote from apple's own reuse and recycle program - £939

    Has anyone ever gone with this as a method of selling? I was looking for between £900-1000 for a private sale but this seems like a hassle free way to get rid and still get a very fair price. I don't have all the original polystyrene (but do have the box) - how big a charge will this incur as there is the option to be sent packaging for dispatch.

    Or is the marketplace/gumtree a better place to sell as I don't have proper packaging and a local pickup sale would be better and i might get the £1000 asking price?

    EDIT: just checked the quote without needing packaging and it's £949 so packaging = £10 (not too bad I guess given there's free postage/shipping

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    Nov 1, 2007
    Just also got a quote on my 6 1/2 year old iBook - £4.45!

    I might be keeping that one for a backup then. ;)
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    Apr 29, 2009
    If you can get what you were looking for from it, I would say go for it. That's almost never the case, and it will probably be less of a hassle than selling personally.
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    Nov 1, 2007
    thanks - my only worry is if they take a look at it and decide it's worth, say, £150 less than they're offering now (no real reason to as the computer works perfectly and the case is in mint condish) - but say they do then I've lost a fairly big chunk on what I could have got...?
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    Feb 25, 2009
    They can't just take it and pay you less than their quote without your consent. Worst case scenario is you have it returned to you and sell it privately after all. Personally I'd bite their hands off, so much easier.

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