Has anyone worked part-time as FedEx?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by TheBonk, Feb 28, 2008.

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    May 22, 2007
    Has anyone worked as the part time package handler at FedEx? I'm thinking of applying because the pay looks impressive. If you've worked there, how is the work? Is it difficult? Easy to get used to?

    Right now I work at a grocery store as a stocker. Could FedEx be any harder than a grocery stocker?
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    Jun 19, 2007
    couple of friends of mine worked for UPS they liked it, you just gotta work early hours not to difficult i heard
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    Jan 17, 2008
    I worked at UPS for 6 years in jobs from Unloading to Management. Here is an overview of jobs within the shipping field.

    Most people are not in it for the money but instead the full benefits package.
    - medical, dental, vision coverage is provided free of charge to all PART-TIME employees.

    Starting pay is enough to get by on in college but not in the real world.
    - At UPS expect to clear $130 per week after taxes.
    Hours are pretty minimal and you can't really expect anymore due to UPS being in the Teamsters Union
    - Seniority rules is all allocation of hours. Example: Being new to the company you cannot receive more hours than the person hired one week before you doing the same job unless that person turns down the opportunity.

    Work conditions:
    - It's not a fashion show, It's dusty and hot in the summers and cold in the winters, It's factory type conditions.

    Job Expectations:
    - Unloader: Can you lift 70 pounds without assistance, could you unload 850 boxes of screws weighing 45 pounds each onto a conveyor belt within 1 hour.
    - Sorter: Could you sort packages to the designated conveyor belt at the same rate of speed at which an unloader sends them to you.
    Loader: Could you properly build a wall of packages while packages are being sent to you at a rate of 250-400 packages per hour.

    - The job is demanding but I have seen fat kids lose 25 pounds within 6 months. It's a workout.
    - Those who are most successful ARE NOT those who are Muscle Bound but those who have endurance. ( A lot of smaller kids with a little bit of strength were always my best employees.)
    - Some locations provide tuition assistance to hourly employees
    - If you perform well you can get into PT management pretty quickly 10-12 months. This provides you with 27.5 hours per week, a base salary, and tuition reimbursement of $4,000 per year that never has to be repaid and requires no length of stay once your schooling is completed.

    **** Be advised: If you have any sort of relative in management at UPS your employment options are very limited. Very strict family relations policy.

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