Has Apple also refused repairing your rMBP under extended program?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by MathiasVH, Apr 4, 2015.

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    Hi guys

    I'm having a whole lot of trouble with Apple at the moment with regards to getting my rMBP fixed through Apple's extended repair-program of '11-'13 MBP's (namely '11 uMBP, but also rMBP '12) - because it passes the diagnostics.

    My rMBP 15" '12 has shown exactly the symptoms that Apple describes in the program - random restarts, jumbled video and freezing.

    Despite having recorded the symptoms on video and the fact that an Apple Authorized Service Provider (Humac) has acknowledged that they can replicate the problem and that they have passed the findings on to Apple, my computer passes the official tests.

    Therefore, Apple, represented by a senior manager at the Danish Apple-hotline, refuses to fix my computer - in spite of concrete evidence and confirmation from an ASP.

    I've seen others here getting the same message - that a rMBP passes the tests - but that they've had their computer fixed anyway. I live in Denmark where there's no official Apple Store - so no luck.

    Has anybody been able to convince Apple to live up to the promises given in the program? What can I do from here? Should I plug in my computer and stress the GPU to the point where it'll break totally and fail their test?

    I'm so disappointed in this awful treatment of loyal customers, but I won't give up - my computer is faulty and Apple says it's their fault. There must be something I can do.
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    Aarhus, Denmark
    I would suggest you take it into the Authorized Service Provider Number1service in either Copenhagen, Aarhus, or Aabenraa.
    I had mine repaired by their shop in Aarhus in just one day, and they have been wonderful to deal with.

    Though, of course, they are subject to Apple policies, so if your machine doesn't fail the diagnostics, you may be out of luck. It would probably help if you can demonstrate the problem directly in the shop - and definitely show them your video proof, too.

    Perhaps try stressing the GPU using the FurMark test.

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