Has Apple fixed thesr problems since iOS4?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by waloshin, Oct 9, 2011.

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    For that matter, there are a ton of sites with pretty detailed lists of iOS5 improvements over iOS4.

    @waloshin: Awfully vague question. Which specific things are you curious about?
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    I read in the artical;

    A) Then frustration and practicality set in. Why are there more pixels if I can't see more stuff on the screen? ? Why are there the same same seven rows of text messages and eight rows of items in the iPod app I saw three years ago when there are four times as many pixels?

    B) Only having five emails simultaneously visible is a shame on this screen. At least give me the option.

    C) The alternative? Fifty bucks for an app. I don't have fifty bucks. Not for this ****. Especially not when my normal car has navigation. The iPhone has been capable of turn-by-turn directions since the 3G added a GPS chip. It's time for a better solution—from Apple.

    D) Then I try uploading a natively shot 720p video to YouTube from the phone. It's tiny! And grainy, even after letting it fully render over a day. And fuzzy, and definitely not 720p
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    Are you here just to complain or do you have something useful to say?

    Edit: Reading your last post, nevermind. Nothing useful.
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    Not a complaint, just asking. Though I don't know why im explaining myself to you.
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    Because we still have the same finger size. Not gonna happen until the screen is physically bigger.
    You already have the option to change font size and number of lines in the email preview. Been there for a while.
    Some GPS with turn navigation are free on the App Store. Also, Apple is working on their own integrated solution. Not in iOS 5 though, hopefully in iOS 6.
    Blame carriers for that. Same reason why FaceTime is Wi-Fi only.
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    I really hope they fixed the proximity sensor. Ios5 didn't fix it on 4. And it's a major issue.

    There's a good jailbreak fix for it so if not here's hoping the jb comes soon.
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    OK. I'll bite. There's frustration because all this has been hashed out and the complaints are typically from biased sources.

    A. More pixels mean smoother curves. Compare an iPhone 4 to an iPad and you'll see less jagged edges. I don't want more pixes just to show more and have everything smaller. The iPhone 4's retina display is stunning.
    B. Since my eyes are not like a crab's and always point in the same direction, well, almost always, I read one e-mail at a time and scroll up or down to see more. If this is too much effort, change the settings and see nine at once.
    C. Comparing the price of a car to the price of an iPhone, I'm not surprised a car has more robust features.
    D. Uploads to YouTube are already at full 720p. Are you holding the phone the right way to get 720p video? One way it does and the other it doesn't.
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