Has Apple "jumped the shark"?

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by MNealBarrett, Nov 3, 2012.

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    The iPad Mini is getting a lot of criticism for it's yesterday's-technology display, and the "iPad 4" is getting next to no attention* at all outside of Apple fanboiz, so I am wondering: has Apple "jumped the shark"? I think they did so with the iPad 3. The "new Apple" of Tim Cook appears interested in sitting on the company laurels, and doing only what they need to do, knowing that the fanboiz will buy whatever they throw out. Meanwhile, the competition is heating up, right when Apple has gone conservative, with even Barnes of Noble (of all companies) putting out a product that puts Apple to shame in pixels-per-inch display resolution.

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    The "jumped the shark" would have apply when the released the OG ipad :) right now nah.
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    People are criticizing the display because they can't connect 2 dots to understand why Apple used that display: fragmentation.

    Putting a display with the resolution of the ipad 3 would've been ridiculous and people would've complained that suddenly their bigger ipad isn't as sharp.

    Apple used the same resolution as the ipad 2 so that developers wouldn't have to build apps for another size of screen. It was for convenience for Apple and to make it easier for developers.

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