Has the new speaker design killed case design?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by CAWjr, Mar 15, 2011.

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    The speaker design on the iPad 1 was easy. Have an opening in the bottom near the dock connector & you were good to go. The new curved rear speaker on the iPad 2 has led to manufacturers just taking a massive bite out of their first gen designs to adapt to the speaker & the result is unattractive (at least to me).

    Does anyone think that this "notch" method is just a quick response to get new cases out & that we will eventually see a cleaner mesh or perforated design in cases to adapt to the speaker?
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    Case-Mate has a fulled covered back shell w/ micro holes where the speaker is.

    I imagine companies are playing it conservative, having to produce cases w/o having the actual device it fits in to test it with is a daunting task. The last thing they want is to spend & producing a case that renders muffled sound and no one buys. Now that the iPad 2 is out I suspect in the next few months new designs will surface w/ no cutout for the speakers.

    I agree I don't like any part of the back exposed b/c I put a back shell on to protect 100% of the back not 95%.

    Personally, I have put my iPad 2 in my old iPad 2 sleeve until more inexpensive 3rd party designs ship. The speaker is fully covered yet the sound quality is still more than acceptable.
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    Aug 8, 2010
    Sucks I can't use my extra invisashields from my old ipad1

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