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Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by Siggen, Feb 6, 2013.

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    I hate to bring up cool stuff about Android here. So for the record I am not a recent iPhone convert. I bought my first iPhone in 2008, on the 3G world release day. Jailbroke when @MuscleNerd and company dropped it just days after.

    That being said, the DropBox app on Android has one major advantage. It has a deamon running in the background initiating the automatic camera upload feature DropBox has.

    In iOS on the other hand the you need to launch the DropBox app to initiate the awesomeness this feature holds. And (educated guess) 10 minutes after you leave the DropBox app, it pauses the upload and or does no longer listen for new pictures.

    I know off Backgrounder, but that is a crude and dirty way of doing something like this. Both the battery, RAM, and CPU will suffer, running Backgrounder, even if only for that app.

    Guessing any plist hacks would not circumvent the timed disable of such features?

    Looking for a hack/tweak to fix this. Anyone? Thank you!
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    Dropbox 2.1 and up has a "background upload" option which kind of does what you want. It uses an interesting work around to get around the 5 minute background limitation. It uses the geofencing API to detect location changes and kick off uploads automatically.

    There are a number of downsides:
    1. The automatic uploads are still limited to 5 minutes each, so if you don't move around a lot things won't upload.
    2. Using GPS can have a negative battery life impact, though using geofencing as opposed to active GPS is supposed to limit that.


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