Have a 4S and a "Yellow" iPad 3? Let's Compare.

Discussion in 'iPad' started by iLukeJoseph, Mar 19, 2012.

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    So I was a huge proponent of the new iPad's screen being near perfect in grayscale/color temp/color accuracy etc.... And even though I still am, there seems to be a wide variance (just like most TV's) in how they are calibrated from the factory.

    As I am sure most of you do not have a device to do an accurate measurement. What we can do (if you would like) is try to minimize all variables, and compare that way. And while this "test" will not show accuracy, it "should" allow us to compare, and if this yellow screen thing is an actual defect or not.

    So the requirements of this "test" first and foremost would be that you own a 4S. Our cameras have to be the same.

    Download the file below and play it on your iPad, advance to about the 5 minute mark (where it says 100%), this is a 100% white test pattern (used for grayscale calibration). Oh and make it full screen.

    Go in a dark room (like your bathroom with the lights off). Set the "brightness" to 100% (remember to turn the auto brightness off). And take a picture with the 4S (flash off).

    Again we are not comparing any oddities that the 4S may produce, or if you hold it at a slight angle etc... (Like how you see my picture looks uneven/spotty/etc... viewing it with eyes it does not look close to that).
    Oh and that white apple logo in the middle of my screen is just the reflection of my 4S :)

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    I don't see how taking a picture with a camera which has automatic white balance is ever going to be truly representative of what the eye would see :confused:
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    +1 the iphone 4S camera has no manual control to enable the use of any images for comparison for this basis.

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