Have an older ATV. Upgrade?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by solideliquid, Oct 19, 2010.

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    I have the second gen (160GB last model) Apple TV. It has done well for me, and I'm trying to decide about upgrading to the new Apple TV $99 model.

    I currently have both an iPhone 4 and iPad and I'm wondering if the Airplay feature is worth an upgrade. Netflix would be a bonus but I already have an Xbox360 and PS3 hooked up to the TV both of which are capable of Netflix streaming.
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    I too have an original 40 GB and both iP4 and iPad. There are only 2 reasons to upgrade. AirPlay direct from iDevices and Netflix which I don't even use on my PS3. I have the low-end Netflix - 2 movies $4.99 per month, no Apple TV or PS3 streaming. I can get that for $4 more per month and might if and when I upgrade. I assume I will eventually for AirPlay more than anything else. But right now I can still purchase through my Apple TV and play iTunes LPs and iTunes movies Extras which the new model can't. And we really use the floating screensaver with our synced photos during music playback and while on standby and there isn't much info on how that works with the new stream only model. The smaller size and less heat are also appealing, but as a frequent early adopter I am going to hold off for now.
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    As I live in an apartment with a 40" LCD in the bedroom with my iMac, with an identical LCD TV in the living room, AirPlay didn't really appeal to me and my TivoHD already has Netflix, so I purchased the previous :apple:tv when Apple cut the price to close them out.

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