Have I been Given The Best Deal?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by GovtLawyer, Mar 8, 2009.

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    On Friday I purchased the 24" 2.8 refurbished by calling Apple. Before I bought the unit I had some questions which I needed a live person to answer. So, I called Apple. When prompted if it was a home or business purchase, I answered Business, as I have a small photography business, but I operate out of my home, so I was not sure which department was better.

    The sales rep on the business side said it was OK for me to order from him, and by ordering through the business unit I would have enhanced personal service all the way from purchase and throughout, and I may even get better prices, depending on choices.

    So, I decided to order. I'm not sure I was given the best deal, and may have even been shortchanged.

    Refurb 24" 2.8 = $1199 -
    This was as advertised on the site. (Doesn't seem to be available anymore)

    The rep sold me the AppleCare 3 year extended warranty for $161 vs $169.
    At first I balked at getting the extended warranty from them and told the rep I could get it cheaper online. He said that by getting it through him at the business section, I was getting a different warranty, and I would have a contact (him) who would speed through all tech inquiries to dedicated business techs (not the same techs as retail home users). He said I would experience shorter wait times and better service. - I decided to go with this, as it was not a huge difference in price from online, and if it meant I got better service than the average Joe for the next three years, it would be worth it. WAS HE TELLING ME THE TRUTH?

    Around ten minutes after ordering, I called him back and told him we had forgotten to discuss added software, that I wanted iWork 09. He said he could give it to me for &71, which was discounted from the &79 retail price. I told him that there was a special offer for iWork at $49 if purchased with a new computer at the same time. He told me the special was not for a refurbed unit, only with new units where iWork was preinstalled, and the refurbished unit was a complete package. I accepted his claim.

    Yet, I've since then seen a rebate form and reread the Terms & Conditions. It seems that all you need to do is buy a new machine and the iWork at the same time (on the same invoice - may be a problem for me, as the 10 minute delay caused a second invoice to be created) and that no rebate is given to ONLINE or APPLE STORE purchases, as the savings are already built in.

    So, it seems that I should have gotten a lower price for iWork. The T&C never mentioned if the unit had to be NEW vs REFURBED, it only said new. This is basically my NEW MAC.

    Does it appear as if I was taken for a ride (of sorts) by this rep? Would I have been better off if I were redirected to home sales? If I was not given the best deal, what are the odds I could call APPLE back (call who at APPLE) and get a readjustment?

    Thansk, Steven
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    Talk to another rep in the business section and verify the first one's assertions. Apple sales reps are pretty good about doing the right thing and making amends when one of them have screwed up.
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    Mar 8, 2009
    Well mate, I'd have to say the a new 24" iMac refurbed for that much is a nice price. I'd definitely shoot for it. And if that Apple Rep told you his details and that you would get better, faster, more personalized service, I'd be very happy for that, plus he is giving it cheaper yet on the other side, you can purchase it cheaper online. Through Apple is always better.
    You have gotten a good deal but with iWork '09, I think he could've given you a better price. I'd contact him and let him know that.

    But overall, I would've done what you have done.

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    No, he gave you the right price. Refurbished is not new.
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    Dec 10, 2008
    Call him and ask again. It's only 20$ so Apple won't go down without your 20$.
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    Feb 27, 2009
    You could try to contact him and negotiate a lower price for the iWork, but a new machine is different from a refurbished machine.

    So if he said he is unable to give you the iWork deal because you bought a refurbished machine as opposed to a new machine, that is most likely correct.

    The "new" in the T&C refers to the machine. Even if this purchase is a new refurbished machine for you, the machine itself is refurbished, not new.
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    You MAY be Right

    I got the impression that if I had ordered the CLEARANCE model, same specs but not refurbed, and $200 more, I would have gotten the same answer. I think the key is that either unit would have been complete, with no upgrade or other options. So, the key is that they wouldn't preinstall iWork. While that may be right, it does not differentiate between a refurb and clearance. So, the word NEW and what it means in this context, is not what I think was the problem.

    If there are offers on the net for a $30 rebate if you buy a new Mac and iWork at the same time, I think that's what I did.

    I may call them back and press the issue after the unit gets here. After all, other issues may arise.

    Thanks for your responses.

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