Have i got something wrong with my battery??


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I recently purchased Macbook pro 13" this month first of july so its a 2010 model. Now i have recently thought my battery is lasting less time each charge which has become quite obvious, i do make sure it charges and drains as well as calibrating it. I recently installed the coconut battery application and its saying:

My maximum battery charge is: 5654
And it was when purchased: 5770

Making it have a health of 97%

Total cycles: 27

Now i have looked at others and few people manage to go through hundreds of cycles and see as much as a 1% drop??? whats different with mine i dont understand its dropping rather fast for a less than a month old machine, should i ring apple?


Sep 7, 2008
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My battery health dropped down to 93% within the first 50 cycles or so, and it is now up to 99% at 111 cycles. The health indicator fluctuates quite a bit, it should only worry you, if it drops below 80% within the first 1000 cycles.

And please read GGJStudios FAQ.