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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by dalvin200, Apr 20, 2008.

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    here's the deal..

    from miniDV tape i imported footage into imovie08 as large format (960x540?)

    i then created the project and once finalised, exported it using export to quicktime .mov

    now the quality of the .mov file i am quite happy with..

    what i am trying to do is get that onto a dvd for my parents to watch.. either in dvd format or divx, as his dvd player will support both.

    i have tried and tried and wasted hours on end encoding, but the resulting output from the .mov is quite poor.. any slight panning in the movie results is serious motion stutter.. the video is not choppy or anything.. just stutter and very jerky.

    the .mov file is about 700mb and i have tried converting this using:

    1) visualhub to dvd vob and also .avi
    2) quicktime export to avi (using cinepak codec)
    3) quicktime export to divx on highest setting
    4) divx convertor using the pro codec
    5) iDVD

    i just cannot get the desired result.. all i need is the same (or on par) with the .mov that i exported from imovie.

    i've tried 2 pass, de-interlacing etc.. but still get the motion stuttering of an unacceptable quality.. when you're watching it, you'd think you were totally drunk!! lol

    i still have the imovie project and i thought maybe i should export to a different format, so i tried m4v. the resulting m4v was a lot smaller and again, trying to convert this into a DVD/divx format resulted in poor video :(

    can anyone offer any advice on what i am doing wrong?

    surely what i want is achievable using the software/hardware i have (core duo, 2b ram)

    maybe i'm not using the correct output setting for conversion or something?

    i mean... someone here had the same problem i am having and this "3:2" pulldown option seemed to fix it.. but i've no idea how to apply that in my process?

    i do have FCE4, but didn't use that as i wanted to create a quick movie!! lol.

    any advice is greatly appreciated as i'm at a bit of a loss.
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    You are majorly overthinking this, but i don't blame you. The new version of iMovie makes it quite clear they have abandoned traditional media. I really hope this oversight is corrected in the next version, and they have a simple Share > iDVD like the last version had.

    So here's what you do instead:

    Take your original project in imovie and do Share > Export using quicktime movie. Then select "Movie to DV Stream" and then in "options" select DV, NTSC ( or PAL, depending on your region ) Interlaced, 16:9 aspect ratio, audio rate 48KHz. ( DO NOT deinterlace it )

    Then import that file into iDVD.
    In iDVD, be sure and select a 16:9 project and make sure your Preferences > Projects> Encoding is set for "Professional Quality".

    Your video will be lower resolution SD resolution, so when you play it on your computer it might look more pixelated, but since you are playing it on a real DVD player as your final destination, this is a requirement.

    I recommend downloading iMovieHD instead of using iMovie08. It's *alot* easier to use for what you are wanting to do.
    Acutally, I just realized that you started with miniDV as your original source. You really should be using iMovieHD for this. You will stay in your native codec the whole time and you'll be able to import easily into iDVD.

    Good luck!
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    thanks for the replies guys..

    i actually went down the ffmpegX route (which i thought visualhub uses as it's backbone anyway?!?)

    i created a divx avi using the mencoder encoder and it made a ~70mb file which is now stored on the dvd i will send to my parents!

    all plays fine and looks fine now :)

    what a waste of a sunday :p lol!

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