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    Hi Macrumors! I have a bit of an issue right now, and I don't know what to do. Let me tell you what happened. This morning I went to church and in the middle of the service I had to go to the restroom. I went to the restroom and flushed the toilet when the toilet flushed and everything I accidentally hit my coat pocket where my iPhone was. Having my luck, the pocket was wide opened, so what happened? My iPhone shot into the air and went into the toilet (I know gross). I immediately grabbed my iPhone out of the toilet and dried it off. I was stupid and didn't know I had to turn it off right after picking it up. The phone was working for about 1-2 minutes before it shut off on me. When I got home I tried to restore it but I kept getting error messages. I used three different computers, and kept getting error messages! The phone is currently in DFU mode and when I turn it on the screen is messed up. I looked at the water sensor in the phone, and sure enough it was pink. So I know if I took it to Apple they would reject it. Now, here is my main issue. My contract with ATT is up and I could buy a new iPhone 3GS for $200 for no problem, however I was looking up online and apple might be announcing a new iPhone as they usually do every year. If this is the case, I would want to get that new iPhone. I was planning on getting it before this happened. So, I wouldn't want to sign up for another 2 year contract and then find out that apple has a new iPhone that is so much better, in the next few months. I would be fine with taking some kind of loaner phone, however I don't know if ATT/Apple gives out loaner phones for such a long period of time. So bottom line, I have no clue what to do here. Should I try to get a loaner phone from ATT and wait until they come out with the new one? Will they be even coming out with a new one? Should I go out and buy the iPhone 3GS and sign up for the two year contract? What should I do!? Any help is appreciated in this matter, and thanks for reading this whole thing!
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    Well, I think you should try to get a loaner phone till the 4G comes out, which I think is in June 28 probably. Around the summer. If you can't get it, just get another cheap mobile to use in the waiting period until the 4G comes out then get the 4G. Thats what I think.
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    soaked iPhoned

    Since your goal is to get the new iPhone when it becomes available and not renew with AT&T your best bet would be to turn the iPhone glass down and let it dry completely. You can use desiccant to help remove moisture from it. Once dried if it still does not work. I suggest finding a used one on ebay or other source and popping your SIM card in. The expense of properly fixing a water damaged iPhone unless you plan on keeping it for a few years may not be worth it. Contact a iphone repair shop that you trust and have them quote you the cost to repair it and then choose whats best for you. I know if I break mine between now and the 4G I will find the cheapest thing I can and hold out for the 4G.

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