iPad Have you recorded a video on your ipad air 2?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by LongApple, Feb 4, 2015.

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    1. What limits the length of a video you record with an ipad air 2. Can you record 2 hours? Aside from storage?

    2. There seems to be 16, 64, 128 GB versions. How would it hold up vs recording about 4-5 hours worth of vieo everyday?

    3. Are there other problems I may run into with recording a few hours of video 5 days a week with the ipad air 2? Are there good systems where I can reliably get the videos without alot of wait and remove some of the hassle of file transfer and deletion? There is icloud and other cloud services though I am not sure how they would handle 1 hour videos.

    4. Have you tried any of the clampshell cases for the ipad air 2?

    5. What happens when you are recording a video with the tablet in a clampshell case like clamp case or zagg and then close the clampshell. The does the tablet turn off or keep recording? Does it stay cool or burn?
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    You should start shooting in short segments of maybe 1-2 minutes each, at most, 3 minutes for a single segment. Edit them and merge them into a single video in iMovie or FCP X later.

    At least, that's what I do as a cinematographer.

    What's your usage that would require a single 2-hour video non-stop?
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    The only limitations would be battery life and storage. Two hours of HD video is a lot of storage, so expect to step up from the base model--especially if you plan on keeping other things on it.

    I use an iPad Air as one of the cameras (I use 4-8 depending on the shoot) on a live music web series we do. It doesn't record non-stop for hours, but the display is on the entire time and it will typically record 1-2 hours of video (multiple clips) over a 3-5 hour shoot.

    I typically see about 30% battery usage and if it goes beyond 2 hours of footage I'll definitely need to dump storage. (I shoot with a totally wiped iPad)

    As for the cases, no, they won't make it stop recording, though they may cover up the camera.
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