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    Pros: handy functions; easily recognized buttons; occupies little space; Mountain Lion and Retina supported
    Cons: .itp not supported by MS Word; suitable only for daily use

    Although a wide range of different editing tools exist in Mac App Store, no one satisfies me. I have been looking for an eye-popper until this week, when the iTyper was released on App Store. It really turned me on. iTyper is a simple but powerful word editor on Mac. Not like other word processors, which offer so many complicated functions that it often takes me quite a while to find the right order, iTyper focuses its attention on how to provide least but most needed functions.


    iTyper is designed with an elegant user interface, so that it is easy and intuitive for you to get started. You can quickly find the right button. Meanwhile iTyper has some really powerful features. It supports almost all the prevailing document types, including .doc, .txt, and .pdf. Or you can save your file as .itp, iTyper's own file type. For trendsetters who are operating under OS X Mountain Lion or using Macbook Pro with Retina display, iTyper will not let them down.


    What app will you choose when you are to write something on your Mac? Take a moment to think how many functions of those apps are really essential to you, and how many functions you never used? I know what you are thinking. Sometimes it's just like looking for a needle in a haystack. However, in iTyper, you can quickly edit any supported document, without having to search from plenty of functions to find your most needed one. Unfortunately, that feature makes it less productive when editing complex document. Compared to professional editing tools like Microsoft Word, iTyper offers way too simple functions.


    You can either write plain text or create rich text with well organized pictures and elaborate tables. iTyper allows you to create both alluring and informative tables, with adjustable height and width, and changeable background color. The drag-to-resize function is designed to better facilitate editing process. Pictures can be placed anywhere in any size you want. With the help of iTyper you can easily build a delicate and exquisite document.


    iTyper has a great compatibility. It reads just about any type of document, from .txt, .rtf to .doc, .docx and .pdf. You can edit the file as well as view it. Also you can export your document to any supported file type(.pdf, .doc, .odt, .rtf and .txt). That makes iTyper an understudy to file format converter. Apart from those features, iTyper supports various operating systems. It runs well in OS X Mountain Lion system. The app's high definition designs make sure it provides the best quality with Retina users.


    iTyper stands out for not only the above reasons, but also other handy functions. It auto-saves your document, so that you don't need to worry about sudden power cuts. If you would like to see your document without the toolbar or menus in your way, you can do that by viewing your document in 'Full screen' mode. You can change your text color as well as background color by choosing from color table. Did I mention that iTyper also occupies little space? I have deleted many apps because their size is such that they cause my system to crash from time to time. That is not likely to happen with iTyper.

    However, that is not to say iTyper is perfect. What bothers me is that sometimes the cursor just does change shape along with its function. For example, when I click on a picture and try to adjust its size, the curser stays in I-shape, but not the cross one. I'm really confused about that. Like many other word editors, iTyper allows users to select their preferred font from a pool of fonts. But in the drop-down font menu is so long that I have to wait before it scrolls from A to Z. I hope this annoying feature can be improved in updated version. What's more, the app does sometimes freeze up. I think there are some bugs that have to be fixed.

    The Verdict
    I have been using this app for a while. This handy editor makes my work a lot easier than before. For people who don't have to do complicated editing, iTyper is their absolute choice. But people with more advanced needs had better turn to other more professional word processors. It is a pity that its own file format, .itp, is not compatible with MS Word. But I would like to see. If you ask me, iTyper is definitely one of the suggested applications for both business people and households.

    download iTyper for Mac


    if you want to have a free try, plz contact steve.zhang@i-c-soft.com to get a promo code.
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