Having issues tethering over wifi? Solved!!

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    Nov 25, 2012
    Got a new iPhone in Dec - iPhone 5 and using latest iOS 6.1
    Used it to tether over wifi my windows PC. It was a pain to do that. Tried several things like
    - setting cellular off then on,
    - setting LTE off then on,
    - setting wifi on and off,
    - switch phone on and off,
    - reset network settings that meant I lost my home wifi pwd etc

    Connection was random, sometimes pc would see the iPhone but as soon as i entered passcode to connect the pc would stop seeing iPhone in available wireless networks.

    I found one solution that seems to work very well and has been working for the past several days and wanted to give back to the forum.

    Switch off wifi, LTE and cellular - in that order.
    Now switch on cellular, enable LTE
    Now enable hotspot
    You will see a prompt to turn on wifi
    IMPORTANT step
    Select to turn on wifi, keep at that screen, do not move.
    The screen shows that phone is now discoverable.
    Now refresh your network list on your PC
    You should now see your iPhone
    Now you can change screen on your phone to go back to home etc.

    Please leave feedback if the above works for you as well to see if the solution is across iPhones and iOS.

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