having issues with bootcamp and xp

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by soupdog777, Aug 11, 2009.

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    I am trying to install a legit copy of xp sp3 on a bootcamp partition on a new Imac. I follow all the prompted steps and windows goes throught he installer. It then tries to reboot and I get the message

    "disk not found
    press any key to continue"

    does not matter if I hit keys or not, at this point the machine is locked up and has to be manually shut down and restarted.

    Has anyone encountered this issue and if so what is the remedy???

    Help is greatly appreciated.
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    Even though you "erase" the partition for Windows through bootcamp make sure you do it again when in the windows installation, NTFS or FAT32, don't leave the bootcamp partition as is. Also make sure you are using bootcamp 2.1 as this is needed to install SP3.
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    solution to problem thanks to MikeSantos

    solution from MikeSantos:


    Edit number, like 9...

    I think I got it Pana. After a bunch of research it seems like a lot of people are only half informed and giving only half correct information. heres what you have to do to get passed that hal.dll problem.

    Open bootcamp and partition to whatever size you want.

    * If you are using fat32, you HAVE to format to 30GBs. this is because after its formated it gets a little bigger. So people formatting using 32GBs, after it is formated its over 32 and gets screwed up.

    After Bootcamp is over it will restart and boot into the blue windows installer screen.

    After that screen where its loading all the files you will be at the WINDOWS partition screen.


    *This was the cause of my problem above were after I deleted and remade partitions, OS X could not recognized the other partition.

    You HAVE to choose one of the 3...

    A) reformat using NTFS quick
    B) reformat using NTFS
    C) reformat using Fat32.

    You cant delete and you cant leave the partition alone and continue the install.

    Deleting and making a new partition via the windows installer WILL give you the missing DLL error.

    Leaving the format that bootcamp made will give you errors.

    This SHOULD get you past the missing DLL error.

    Quick run through using NTSF

    Open bootcamp.
    Partition at what you want (I just did 80GB)
    *computer restarts
    *Blue windows installer screen, loading files.
    *Partition screen.
    Choose the fat32 file that bootcamp made.
    *next partition screen
    Choose reformat with NTSF (quick)
    *reformatting screen
    *computer reboots into windows.

    Just did this successfully with SP3.

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