Having my Mac repaired by Apple.

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    Hello fellow Mac friends. On Saturday I took my 13.3" MacBook Pro Retina into Apple to have it repaired. When I pressed on the bottom right corner it would make a bad clicking noise. I read on here I may need my case reseated. My shift key also was not firm and a bit lose. Anyways they told me they could fix it at the store so I left it. I didn't plan on leaving my Mac so I didn't wipe it clean. Apple calls me telling me that they need to send it to a repair center so I said okay. Anyways I can see that whoever has my MacBook is looking at weird YouTube videos. I will post a link to the weird video below. I have never watched this video before so I know someone else is. It shows me through iCloud on safari. It's a bit creepy. I feel a bit uncomfortable now and I will definitely wipe my stuff before taking it to apple from now on.


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    I just had my MBP for service (they change the screen). Rather than wipe the drive I created an additional TEMP user so they could test the new screen. I did not provide them the admin password for the main account, the disk is encrypted with Firevault, and the MBP has a firmware password as well not allowing it to boot on R mode. In any case it took them just one day to swap the top part with the screen.
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    Here's some possible explanations...

    1. Sometimes after a repair, they need to test the machine. Everyone has different ways to stress testing a machine... among them, is pulling up random content, etc. YouTube (or videos in general) area great because they quickly test a myriad of components.

    2. While working on a computer... someone comes to them asking about something... well, since the computer is right in front of you, you quickly use it to look it up. Happens to be a weird youtube video.

    3. They're just messing with you.
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    I vote this one

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