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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by OptyCT, Nov 26, 2008.

  1. OptyCT macrumors 6502

    Nov 9, 2008
    Okay, so I pretty much decided on picking up the base MacBook for my wife for Christmas. That was until I started reading about the issues with the screen on it. This would be my wife's first laptop, and I'm not even sure if she would notice a deficient screen (although I would). She would mainly be using the MB in a low-light situation for surfing the internet, checking e-mail, and some light photo editing (probably using iPhoto). I've seen the MB in the Apple Store, and the screen didn't offend me (although I have no idea which screen it was). While I understand that there are many people who are satisfied with their MB screens, there is no way that I want to go through the process of multiple trips to the Apple store for repairs.

    Am I being reasonable in my hesitations or is this simply a case of "paralysis by analysis"?
  2. Sky Blue Guest

    Sky Blue

    Jan 8, 2005
    No. Don't let the MacRumors Freak Out Brigade deter you.
  3. rdowns macrumors Penryn


    Jul 11, 2003
    More common on this site than the common cold. Buy it for her, she'll love it as I do mine.
  4. timestoby macrumors 6502

    Jun 10, 2007
    north devon,uk
    i have the base whitebook for my first mac i got about four weeks ago now and its great. i dont see why people are comlaining about the screen. ive had no cosmetic problems etc or problems with the computer itself.

    just get one.
  5. kid rock macrumors regular

    Nov 11, 2007
    Southend-on-sea, Essex, England
    its new so it has a warrnaty, i wouldnt worry mate tbh!

    just enjoy!
  6. Scepticalscribe Contributor


    Jul 29, 2008
    The Far Horizon
    Exactly my thoughts on the matter; it is new, a lovely and well-designed machine, an ideal present, and, should anything go wrong, that is what the warranty is there for.

    One of the reasons I switched to Apple Mac is their pretty good customer service; they honour their warranties. Two of my iPods died while still under warranty a few years ago, and were replaced immediately (in other words, within a few weeks) without any problems.

    Go buy, and suppress the "paralysis by analysis".

    Cheers and good luck
  7. duckkg5 macrumors member


    Aug 14, 2008
    Charleston, SC
    Just another thought, we gave my mom (50) a Macbook Air for Valentine's day and she loves it because of the size. If it's for your wife and she's not going to be doing any heavy-duty video stuff/ gaming, etc., you might consider the MBA. The size is just awesome.
  8. Scottsdale macrumors 601


    Sep 19, 2008
    I have the new Aluminum MacBook and I love it. An engineering marvel and a great Apple product. It is amazing! My screen is excellent. When I hook it up to an external monitor, I wish the external had the same screen as the MacBook. It is absolutely stunning to watch movies on and a joy to do even basic things on. There are always going to be Apple haters. Just be selective about where you read your info. Here at MacRumors, will be great reviews like mine and haters. It just matters that you go to the store and feel the new MacBook and play on it yourself. Will be another MacBook SOLD!
  9. Chim3ra macrumors member


    Nov 20, 2008
    yea, i just got my macbook to after using a pc for my entire life. the thing's amazing, honestly, not one complains or problems so far!!!
  10. Solemony macrumors 6502


    Nov 26, 2008
    I got mine today and hoping to use it on sunday after I hook up my wireless network. So far I think the new Aluminum MB is realllly nice...I tried it a few times at the store...All I could say was AmAzInG....:)
  11. student_trap macrumors 68000


    Mar 14, 2005
    'Ol Smokey, UK
    the white macbook is a lovely piece of kit, get it for her and you shouldn't have any problems. If you do however, applecare is very good and would sort it out for you.
  12. OptyCT thread starter macrumors 6502

    Nov 9, 2008
    Thanks for the words of encouragement. I picked up an aluminum MB (2.0 GHz) for her today. I'm sure she'll enjoy it.
  13. emac82 macrumors 6502

    Feb 17, 2007
    NB, Canada
    Bahahaha!! That made me laugh - Good one :)
  14. student_trap macrumors 68000


    Mar 14, 2005
    'Ol Smokey, UK
    fantastic, really good to hear. im sure you will have zero problems with the machine

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