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Discussion in 'iOS 5 and earlier' started by mfaye21, Jul 21, 2012.

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    My dad just got a new job and is having some email troubles with his iPhone. I did what I could to try to fix it, but I'm stumped, so I figured I would ask you guys! Anyway, my Dad has an iPhone 4 that he has been using for about 7 months, and he loves it. This new job gave him a Blackberry 8330 to use, which is four years old and really a miserable phone. My dad has his new work email on both his iPhone and his Blackberry (POP FYI). Now prepare yourself, this is weird, if I refresh his iPhone mail app manually before the email is pushed to the BB, then the email will come to the iPhone. If not, then it will go to the BB, besides about every 1 in 5 emails that will come to the iPhone as well. Any ideas?
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    Accessing POP from two separate devices is troublesome. Depending on the POP server settings, the mail may be deleted from the server once a device downloads it. Also, even if it's not deleted at the server, once the mail is accessed the server thinks of the mail as downloaded and will not re-download it to a second device. Either way you can end up with mail scattered across two devices.

    This is a mail server issue and can only be changed by those controlling the server. If the IT person at the company won't change the email server type then two devices is a bad idea.

    One thing your dad could do is set up a Gmail IMAP account, set that account to retrieve the mail from the work account, and then access the Gmail account from the two devices. This will cause some delay in receiving email, but if email is frequent to the work address the delay will not be too bad as Gmail will check the email based on the frequency of emails coming through.
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    Do you know if it would help if we simply deleted the account from the Blackberry?
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    It should. Or if he can't delete it just don't check mail from the BB.
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    No need to prepare as there's nothing weird about this. That's how POP works. Stick to just one POP client or switch to an email account that can actually sync among multiple clients.

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