having trouble doing a clean install of Snow Leopard


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Sep 21, 2008

I have a 15 in, Unibody MBP running Leopard and am trying to perform a clean install of Snow Leopard.

The steps I'm following are:
1. Insert SL DVD
2. Reboot while pressing C key, so that MacBook boots from DVD
3. After 10 MINUTES!!! I get the welcome screen, then choose Utilities->Disk Utility so that I can wipe the HD and start from scratch
4. It takes at least 8 MINUTES !!! for Disk Utilities to show up

Are these times normal? I remember when following these steps on my wife's Air, response times would be much, much shorter -- although I used an external DVD drive, obviously.

I know the media is not the problem, for I have tried with 2 different DVDs. I don't think there's a problem with the DVD reader/writer, since it works fine within Leopard.

Any ideas?
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