Having trouble extracting subtitles from MKVs

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by knemonic, Jul 25, 2012.

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    Jan 14, 2009

    So mentally tired from this task.

    I have been trying an array of solutions to get subtitles in some of my movies for iTunes.

    I am using MakeMKV to make mkvs from Bluray discs, which i include all the subtitles for that title.

    I have tried iMKVextract to pull the SUP files from it. This provides me with SUP files that are not recognized by bdsup2sub, saying the stream is not a recognized stream.

    Currently, I am trying to extract the SUP subtitles in VMWare using MKVextract in Windows, since that has generally given me better results, but I started the extraction at 10pm last night and only 67% had been extracted this morning!

    I have also tried the opposite side of things, using Submerge to add SRT versions of the subtitles. The problem is when you export to flattened file, the subtitles do not show up in itunes (even after turning on CC and checking to see if the subtitles are available in the Audio/Subtitles drop down).

    I could also add the subtiles through Subler, but that is not burned in and I don't care for how ATV renders the subs.

    Any suggestions beyond this? I really truly appreciate and suggestions, or maybe a new piece of software that could simply burn the SRT file to the movie without an entire re-encode.


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