having trouble saving html / save to web files on illustrator

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by dayocreative, May 28, 2008.

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    May 28, 2008
    okay, hopefully someone out there can help me. i just created a newsletter that my client wants to send out in emails. its pretty basic, and i put in the correct attributes for the text and images he wants links for. ive done "save to web" and did "html and images" and everything seems fine. i can open it up fine and everything works right, EXCEPT, EVERYTIME i try and send it to anyone by attaching it to an email, they can never see it, everytime it has an "X" instead of the html document. ive tried sending it to myself and the same thing happens. how come i can open it off my computer everytime but everytime i attach it to an email, it wont open from the email? is there something i am not clicking when i save to web? it says its PC/Mac compatible. i put the file on a swap drive and brought it to my PC laptop, and again, it opens just fine when i open it from the flash drive, but when i attach it in an email and send it, it doesnt work! PLEASE HELP!
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    are you attaching an HTML document? i've never heard of such using an email program. Mostly the problem is, that your files are probly stored locally on your hard drive. When you sent the HTML file, it's looking for them, but since your local hard drive isn't a web server, it can't find them. what you need to do, is put all of that on a web server some where, so it's on the internet. Then navigate to that in Safari, and press "command" – "i". That will compose an email message in Mail with that webpage as the content.

    now you can go about doing this how ever you like, but i will bet 100% of your problem is that your files aren't online.

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    Saving the newsletter in web quality PDF would be another solution.

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