Having trouble sending/receiving texts after jailbreaking on 4.3.1 using snowbreeze

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by inTIMidation, Apr 19, 2011.

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    Apr 19, 2011
    Hey guys. New here. After searching around for my issue and not being able to find an answer, it led me to these forums and it seems like you guys have quite a knowledgeable and helpful community. The first time I jailbroke was my 1st generation iPod Touch. After that I kinda fell out of the loop until I bought and iPhone for the first time over the summer.

    The issue: after I jailbroke on 4.3.1, I'm having slight issues sending and receiving text messages. It didn't happen at first. I'm usually using Edge instead of 3G, just to save battery. When using Edge, it appears I'm can't send/receive texts. I'll have full bars, or close to it, and texts will look like they're sending but people won't receive them. But the weird thing is, if I send a text to myself, as that text sends, I'll suddenly receive all the texts that I wasn't getting.

    Now if I turn on 3G, I'm usually sending and receiving fine. I know its an issue of Edge vs 3G because sometimes as soon as I turn 3G on I'll receive texts.

    So I've had 3G on all the time now, dealing with the smaller battery life and having to limit my browsing usage due being closer to the data cap than I have before. But then the past few days I've been having issues while on 3G. I'll receive a text saying "fine don't text me back" (women these days) when I already did, and it appears to send. Or I'll notice I'm not getting a text from someone who is usually good about texting back quickly and I'll send myself a text and receive one, or turn my 3G on and off and hopefully fix the problem. Its really frustrating.

    Now, my options. I'm not exactly a pro at this stuff. I'm guessing my only option is to restore. I did the old tech support turn it off then on, didn't work. I resprang and reboot. I can use the guide on these forums to restore if that's my only option. Is it possible to create a backup in iTunes so I don't lose everything? What would happen if I attempted to use the restore that snowbreeze created for me? Any and all input is appreciated.

    PS I checked out those homescreen pic threads, impressive stuff. You guys are talented.
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